Etchings – A Suit of Cards

I had been studying Tarot decks and contemplating a series of images based on them when I stumbled across an intriguing competition challenging artists to redo a work that they had done as a child. My mother had kept a crayon drawing of a cat dancing holding mice in its claws. The image “Free at Last” was my response. My studies of the Tarot encouraged the addition of suggestive symbolism, and the idea for the card series was born. Each of the images I felt should stand on its own, but in aggregate they should work as a whole as well. As I worked new ideas continued to evolve. The complexity is deliberate. New things should be discovered each time one looks.

Oil Paintings – Figure

Oil Paintings – Musical Instruments

Etchings – Animal Pleasures Series


Pastels – Dressing Up Series

Oil Paintings – The Small World Series

Oil Paintings