I have come to a stopping point in the new etching while I consider what if any refinements need to be made. The etching based on a drawing that I posted earlier with the working title “Baldur” has been retitled “Ossian”. Ossian or Oisin was the son of Finn […]

First State of the New Etching

  The needling for the new etching, “Baldur”, is nearly done. Executed under a magnifying lens, much of the drawing is done with stipple or tightly controlled hatch marks. In etching, the plate having been covered with a very thin acid resistant ground can be scratched so densely that to […]

Baldur Etching Plate Nearly Done

  I’m getting my entry ready for the Blackbird-Raven-Crow Exhibit at the Wilson Gallery in Kendallville Indiana.  The opening is on Friday August the 29th from 5:00 – 9:00.  Check out the link at: https://www.facebook.com/186688868044142/photos/gm.833098600048497/743159415730415/?type=1&theater

New Etching: Exodus